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Butter lamp infront of Jokhang
Namtso-celestial lake

What is Namtso?

Namtso, which means "celestial lake" in Tibet, is a sacred lake in central Tibet that is widely considered as an embodiment of purity of human thoughts and doorway to rich Tibetan culture. The clear, cool and pure water of Namtso reflects the distinct, profound and vibrant civilization of Tibet.

Namtso Team draw inspiration from the holy lake and attempts to provide genuine, relevant and truthful information about Tibet, her people and language, her culture and art, her philosophy and religion.

We mainly engage in organising tours to central Tibet but we also undertake small group tours to Amdo (North-east Tibet), Kham (Eastern Tibet), Mt. Kailash and other remote regions in Tibet. Aside from that we offer reliable tour services to other culturally rich and holy Buddhist sites in India, Nepal and China.

With wealth of knowledge at our disposal, Namtso Team consciously avoids superficial tourist approaches and instead offers a variety of pleasant attractions ranging from close observation of daily life of common Tibetan people to experiencing rich and dynamic Tibetan culture. In order to procure and provide authentic ground information, Namtso Team works not only with experts who are specialised Tibetologists and Indologists but also native Tibetans and renowned Tibetan scholars, who occasionally lead our tour groups.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us. It will be our pleasure to assist you in anyway and we value your suggestions.


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